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This is a Lunar Lander observation.

tried to repair LO unlocked by moving the antenna manually. Missed scans from 22:31:31 to 22:32:55
LO unlocked at:
2014.280.21:14:28.44?ERROR ch -348 Receiver LO is unlocked
2014.280.21:14:49.51?ERROR ch -348 Receiver LO is unlocked
2014.280.21:15:10.59?ERROR ch -348 Receiver LO is unlocked
2014.280.21:29:19.43?ERROR ch -348 Receiver LO is unlocked

No sschedules on IVS server by the beginning of the observation, experiment started late. First scan: 250-1742 to source 0308-611 @ 280.17:42:46.00

Receiver 20K stage is hotter than 40K

LO unlocked 281-02:24UT - Brett fixed by moving it a bit

281-02:32UT Temperatures were rising rapidly (along with vacuum pressure) so the schedule was halted so Brett can fix it

Scans after 281-0229 missed. 0337 first scan back.

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