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 ** Hobart 26m ** ** Hobart 26m **
-VSN: Starting volume:+VSN: HOB+0029/​6000/​1024 ​Starting volume: ​0gb 
 +  * 17:32.47UT -- antenna acquired for first source (recording due at 17:​33:​38UT) ​ (JS) 
 +  * 22:30 UT - After the recording stops in every single scan (as far as we could tell) get the error "​ALARM:​ error m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed"​. ​ Because it is happening consistently,​ suspect something worse than just bad connection. Jamie is on the case. (Ellen) 
 +  * 22:50 UT - Swapped modules as Jamie thinks there'​s a bad disc (disc 6 was sometimes reporting a fault). Last scan on module HOB+0029 is 180-2245 at 731.787 GB.  First scan on module HOB+0034 is 180-2252. (Ellen) 
 +  * 01:45 UT - Schedule restarted to implement edit to snp file (Jamie removed "​source=stow"​ command) because drives are getting snarky when turned off. (Ellen)
-  * 1730UT Experiment started OK (JS) 
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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