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 +<​note>​We have had no luck with the Linux version and are currently sticking with Windows </​note>​
 +Dave Graham provided a {{:​hardware:​dg_email_2010_05_11.rtf|current version of the Linux implementation on 2010 May 11}}. The files were downloaded and placed in a directory on a Linux PC. An empty USB-mounted HDD was used and partitions created to match the first two as described in the READ.ME file provided by Dave. This was done using ''​fdisk''​. The first partition was tagged as bootable.
 +Then ext3 filesystems were installed on each partition using ''​mkfs.ext3''​.
 +The image of the first partition was then copied to the disk:\\
 +''​dd if=dd_sda1 /​dev/​sdc1''​
 +The file ''​boot_sector''​ was copied to the master boot record:\\
 +''​sudo dd if=boot_sector of=/dev/sdc bs=512 count=1''​
 +Then the first partition was mounted at /mnt/tmp\\
 +''​sudo mkdir /​mnt/​tmp''​\\
 +''​sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /​mnt/​tmp''​\\
 +Then find out the disk ID:\\
 +''​ls -l /​dev/​disk/​by-id | grep sdc''​\\
 +Then edit the fstab file in the mounted partition so that the / partition has the ID of /dev/sdc1 and /usr2 is at /dev/sdc2, /data at /dev/sdc3. /etc/fstab then looks like this:\\
 +/​dev/​disk/​by-id/​usb-WDC_WD75_00AACS-00D6B0_DCA425712418-0:​0-part1 /                    ext3       ​acl,​user_xattr ​       1 1
 +proc                 /​proc ​               proc       ​defaults ​             0 0
 +sysfs                /sys                 ​sysfs ​     noauto ​               0 0
 +debugfs ​             /​sys/​kernel/​debug ​   debugfs ​   noauto ​               0 0
 +usbfs                /​proc/​bus/​usb ​       usbfs      noauto ​               0 0
 +devpts ​              /​dev/​pts ​            ​devpts ​    ​mode=0620,​gid=5 ​      0 0
 +/​dev/​disk/​by-id/​usb-WDC_WD75_00AACS-00D6B0_DCA425712418-0:​0-part2 /usr2                ext3       ​acl,​user_xattr ​       1 2
 +/​dev/​disk/​by-id/​usb-WDC_WD75_00AACS-00D6B0_DCA425712418-0:​0-part3 /data                ext3       ​acl,​user_xattr ​       1 2
 +also edit /​mnt/​tmp/​boot/​grub/​menu.lst and change the disk ID.
 +The disk can now be booted from.
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