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3rd Part Utilities and Software

The DBBC Control program now has the ability to communicate via a TCP Socket on Port 4000.

IVS DBBC Configuration

The attached perl code will parse a IVS skd file and program your dbbc for the schedule.

Things you will have to modify in the perl script:

PeerAddr - IP address of DBBC

xmix - mixed freq for xband

smix - mixed freq for sband

DBBC Client

One thing I discovered by messing around with the DBBC client is that it sends a null terminated string (\0) with a fixed length of 80 characters. When I started using nc to talk to the DBBC control Program, some commands would fail (like “load=dbbc_control_file.txt” - it would say that it couldn't find the file). If I sent the command with a null character after txt (echo -e “load=dbbc_control_file.txt\0” | nc -w 1 4000), then it would be accepted and work. Anything after the null character is ignored, and I really don't know why the DBBC Client insists on sending a full 80 character string (all after the null is some an apparently random 8-bit character, repeated).

Jamie email 29/3/2012

I have tested it and yes use a “\0” at the end of the string to be sent.

Client Software from Gino:

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