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Network connection
Orig IP Dest Usage
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF A
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF B
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF C
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF D
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF E
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF F
FlexBuff [Reserved] Network
FlexBuff DBBC 2 S-band
dBBC3 . FlexBuff IF A
dBBC3 . FlexBuff IF B
dBBC3 . FlexBuff IF C
dBBC3 . FlexBuff IF D
dBBC3 . FlexBuff IF E
dBBC3 . FlexBuff IF F
dBBC2 . FlexBuff S-band


Flexbuff network settings are defined in /etc/network/interfaces/. New Debian versions tend to label eth0 into ens3f0. The definitions might vary depending on the host machine:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
mtu 9000

dBBC3 .

# Initialise the VDIF header
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},destination 0 192.168.1.{}:46227'.format(core3h,ip_dest[core3h-1]))
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},vsi_bitmask {}'.format(core3h,bitmask[nChan]))
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},vdif_station {}'.format(core3h,station))
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},vdif_frame 2 {} 8000 ct=off'.format(core3h,nChan))
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},regupdate vdif_header 3 {} 0x03FF0000'.format(core3h,(core3h-1)*np.power(2,16)))
#Start VDIF stream
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},start vdif'.format(board+1))

dBBC2 .

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