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Observations of GNSS-satellites on the Hobart Ceduna baseline

A series of test observations were performed with the aim to streamline the complete process including scheduling, correlation, fringe fitting and creation of total delays and a geodetic analysis. We use VieVS for scheduling, the NASA field system for tracking, DiFX for correlation, fourfit for fringe fitting and VieVS for the analysis. A journal publication is in work. this work is led by the University of Tasmania (L. Plank, J. McCallum, J. Lovell) and Technische Universität Wien (A. Hellerschmied, J. Böhm).

First results were presented during the IVS GM in South Africa Hellerschmied et al. and the VLBI WS for nera field targets in Bonn (scheduling, observations, technical challenges).

We have a series (6 hours) of measured delays of multiple GNSS-satellites on the Ho-Cd baseline. If interested, we are happy to share our experience and provide data for comparisons.

near field model comparison

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