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 +Hobart 12m has completed crf77
 +The log from experiment crf77 has been copied to​pub/​ivsincoming/​
 +Formatter (H-maser) leads GPS by 10.144 microsec at 2013.241.18:​04:​51.04
 +Additional experiment notes:
 +Recorded 2299.25 GB to module USN-0012 using the Mark5B+ recorder. The Module is being sent to Washington using eTransfer.
 +Known problems:
 +Filter wrong on ifdsx setup. Data no good in dbbc channels 5-8 until 23:56 when fixed (see log entry)
 +Missed Scans:
 +First two scans missed. First recorded scan is 240-1823.
 +Warren and Jacqui
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