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 +Hobart 12m has completed r1596
 +The log from experiment r1596 has been copied to​pub/​ivsincoming/​
 +Formatter (H-maser) leads GPS by 4.1105 microsec at 2013.211.16:​59:​15.03
 +Additional experiment notes:
 +Recorded 1846.59 GB to module USN-0175
 +USN-0178 using the Mark5B+ recorder. The Module is being sent to Bonn using eTransfer.
 +Known problems:
 +Yes. Delay difference continually dropping, did not respond to sy=run setcl offset command. dbbc reconfig returned delay difference to -297us, but it strted to drop again immediately,​ and continued dropping throughout the remainder of the experiment.
 +Missed Scans:
 +Yes. Scan 211-0952 missed due to dbbc reconfig. Recording restarted during scan 211-0955 at 211/​09:​55:​21. This is different to the comments in the log - sorry, mistimed the dbbc reconfig.
 +Claire, Anita, Jacqui
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