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 +Recorded 454.71 GB to module UAO-0022
 +,WD-WCAS using the Mark5B+ recorder. The Module is being sent to Washington using DHL.
 +Known problems:
 +Needed to change modules to finish experiment. Tried to switch to Module A from Module B, BKG+0120 following scan 226-1319b, but no VSN label appeared following the switch, so switched back to Module B as I didn't think the module had switched over properly. Tried again following scan 226-1325a, but modules did not switch. Yg forced the switch to module A during scan 226-1334.
 +NB. There was no VSN label showing for Module A in econtrol. Also, the module being recorded to (Module B) has label BKG+1020, not UAO-0022, as indicated in the log. This has been confirmed by visual inspection of the module racks at Yg.The VSN for Module A, is USN-0070. Note: first complete scan on this module is 226-1348a.
 +Missed Scans:
 +Scan 226-1334 commenced as scheduled on Module B, BKG+1020, but was interruptedby switch to  Module A, USN-0070. ​
 +Claire, Anita, Jacqui
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