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 +Katherine has completed rd1309
 +The log from experiment rd1309 has been copied to​pub/​ivsincoming/​
 +Formatter (H-maser) leads GPS by 9.6299 microsec at 2013.311.17:​57:​24.03
 +Additional experiment notes:
 +Recorded -6106.71 GB to module USN-0151
 +Also approx 940.991GB to OAN+0101 using the Mark5B+ recorder. The Module is being sent to Hays using DHL.
 +Known problems:
 +Yes: S band Tsys was high in all channels, with channels 12-14 approaching or higher than 200.
 +Frequent connection losses, commencing 311/​04:​40:​06.01. Further losses at 311/​10:​44:​48.11,​ 11:​09:​50.17,​ 11:​26:​50.02,​ 11:​35:​14.15,​ 11:​42:​12.10,​ 11:​43:​12.05,​ 11:​44:​46.24. Last loss recorded at 311/​12:​06:​09.55
 +Missed Scans:
 +Anita, Imogen, Jacqui
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