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 1. Current issues: 1. Current issues:
-  * Wind stows to be marked in the handover notes+  * Wind stows (and other ongoing problems) have to be marked in the handover notes with time stamps 
 +  * Handover notes MUST be copied to the end message, especially if there were problems. ​
   * 26-m eRC checklist parameters returned [[http://​​opswiki/​doku.php?​id=operations:​​id=operations:​documentation_ops2_pcfs9.10.5plus#​monitoring_observations_on_the_26-m|back to the page]]   * 26-m eRC checklist parameters returned [[http://​​opswiki/​doku.php?​id=operations:​​id=operations:​documentation_ops2_pcfs9.10.5plus#​monitoring_observations_on_the_26-m|back to the page]]
 +  * Those who edit wiki, please make sure that none of the important links disappear.
   * TBA   * TBA
 2. AUST marathon outcomes 2. AUST marathon outcomes
 +  * Gathering feedback from observers, respond by next meeting.
 +  * Module assignment and confusion discussion
-3. Recently correlated experiments ​will be rewieved +3. Recently correlated experiments ​to be rewieved 
 +  ​*AUST25  
 +  *AUST29 
 +  *//​AUST34//​ 
 +  *//​AUST35//​ 
 +    (last two to be revisited later after the analysis)
 5. Roster, any questions or comments 5. Roster, any questions or comments
 6. Other items 6. Other items
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