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 +AuScope Operations Meeting - October 14th, 2015
 +Current Issues:
 +-Mark5 at Katherine has had some issues, had to change to mk5-2ke; Imogen currently fixing. ​ Dave modified script to call clkoff-2 instead so the maserdelay/​clkoff reading should be correct. ​ This also means there are two funny looking channels in the DBBC, but it should be ok after the swap back to mk5ke.
 +-Be careful of modules, there have been some issues with odd modules lately, check to make sure the right size one/right vsn is in before you start
 +-Check all schedules from Washington (R4, CRDS) .  Several have had hb scheduled instead of ho (due to receiver maintenance),​ so if you're setting up, make sure the actual schedule file has ho in it.  If not - call the on-call person.
 +-Roster - any swaps?
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