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-  * More information regarding the mk5=mode? (Arwin)+1. Presence: Nick, Lucia, Jamie, Bryn, Ellen, Jim, Tiege, Jonathan 
 +3. More information regarding the mk5=mode? (Arwin) 
 +  * If it differs from the procedure file, definitely a problem 
 +  * If differs from the wiki, check with on call 
 +  * We need to have a page on the operations wiki outlining what the different mk5 modes in detail (Nick will go through this with Jim some time before the next meeting). 
 +4. end of experiment messages AGAIN (make sure to check that the required information is included and correct, also update the observer wiki to outline what information to check). 
 +5. If there'​s too many on source slewing errors - could be something wrong with the schedule, or antenna is broken in some way  
 +  * try to work out how late it is (2 sec vs. 10 sec say).  
 +  * if frequently happening for more than 10 seconds, call on call to turn caltsys off possibly 
 +  * if not getting "​source acquired"​ messages, then there'​s probably something wrong with antenna
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