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-Agenda+**AuScope Operations Meeting Thursday 21st April, held at 12pm.** 
 +Chair: Ellen 
 +Apologies: Nick 
 +Attendees: Lucia, Jim, Jesse, Bryn, Ross, Jon, Tiege, Lucas, Arwin, Liz 
 +Current Issues 
 +    * Problems with drive hydraulics on 26m, cancelled today'​s experiment (RD1603). 
 +       - New something being bought by Eric 
 +    * New PCFS at Hobart is working great (thanks Jamie). Has anyone had any problems? 
 +    * Maser maintenance at both Katherine and Yarragadee currently, hence Brett is not at the Observatory. Warren is at Mt Pleasant Tuesdays to Thursdays and occasionally Mondays. 
 +    * CRDS82 - "still getting ve error: ERROR ch -308 ve total power integrator overflow"​ - Bryn, what was this and was it fixed? 
 +      - High tsys values due to RFI 
 +    * R4734 - Yarragadee: consistent offset between mark 5 and other computers of 0.1 - 0.4 visible in fmset with no sync error, could not be fixed. Caused by power failure affecting GPS receiver (new UPS installed) - had to change to Hobart'​s. Fixed itself 4+ hours later. Is there any way to fix this other than hope? 
 +     - Probably ntp problem 
 +    * R1735 - A couple of instances where recorder started ~ 7-10 seconds before onsource at both Katherine and Yarragadee. 
 +       - possibly due to tag along experiment 
 +    * High system temperatures - run systemp12 again to make sure it wasn't just one dodgy reading. Monitor and make note of how many scans were affected by consistent high tsys values. 
 +      - elevation and weather affects tsys values 
 +      - would be cool if monica can track changes 
 +    * Anything else to note? 
 +    * VSNs all reported as the same for 4 telescopes in end message (Jesse check experiment) - keep an eye on this 
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