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Chair/Presenting: Arwin/Bryn

Attendees: Lucas, Jonny, Tiege, Bryn, Jim, Arwin, Ellen,Ross, Nick, Lucia, Jamie, Liz

Not Attending:


  • aug024 Yg startup message had no temp/humidity – don't forget it needs to be entered manually!
  • Use schedule=<exp>,#<line_num> when recovering from a long halt rather than cont
  • Upcoming LBA (?) experiments v486i, v252bb, v493c
  • Problems with mk5ke during the t2111 experiment. Problem persisted through reboot and power cycles, also present when using jive5ab. recover did not correct the problem.
  • “Massive delay difference, clkoff was very high (order of e-01), mk5 was about 0.5s out of sync, but reported a sync error of 0. Counter and fmset didn't fix it so restarted the DBBC. That fixed the delay but then the field system crashed and had to be restarted.” AUG025, 14/06/2016.
  • Yg disk_pos loosing ~10 gb every 2 hours. AUG025, 14/06/2016.
  • Any persistent issues with DBBC delays? r4743 09/06/2016 and r1743 07/06/2016.
  • The following two autocorrelations, are they okay?

Issues listed in the handover notes.

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