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-**Chair/​Presenting:​** ​Arwin/Bryn+**Chair/​Presenting:​** ​Tiege/Ellen
-**Attendees:​** Lucas, ​Jonny, Bryn, Arwin, ​Ellen, Nick+**Attendees:​** ​Jonny, Ellen, Nick, Lucas, ​Lucia, Jim, Jamie, Bryn, Arwin, ​
-**Not Attending:​** ​Tiege, Liz, Ross, Jesse, Lucia, Jamie, Jim+**Not Attending:​** ​
 **General Issues:** **General Issues:**
-  * Reminder for everyone to check the calendars carefully as we had a missed start shift this week+  * Progress of Hobart 12m receiver upgrade. 
-  * aug024 ​Yg startup message had no temp/​humidity – don't forget it needs to be entered manually! ​**(Add this to the wiki)*+       - Receiver fitted, however, bad weather is delaying testing, hopefully finished towards ​the end of the month
-  * Use schedule=<​exp>,#<​line_num> ​when recovering from a long halt rather than cont +  * Lots of emails going around about Yg elevation brake, anything observers need to worry about? 
-  * Upcoming LBA (?) experiments v486iv252bb, v493c +       - Keep an eye on telescope moving correctly, not much we can do but get in touch with Yg staff. 
-  * EllenBryn and Arwin volunteer for the July the 2nd shift.+  ​Are the web cams all up and running properly again. 
 +       - Hobart 12m all sky currently broken still. 
 +  ​Down to 2 screens at Mt Pleasant for observing computer. 
 +  * Missing log files  
 +       - Make sure that they have been uploaded ​when you send the end of experiment emails. 
 +  * Yg humidity sensor is reading 0 constantlyKe temperature in system monitor not working correctly. 
 +  * To restore all desktop iconsopen up Places (up the top), and then select Desktop.
 **Issues taken from handover notes** **Issues taken from handover notes**
-  * Problems with mk5ke during ​the t2111 experiment. Problem persisted through reboot and power cyclesalso present when using jive5ab. recover did not correct ​the problem**(persistent problem with the recorder at ke)** +  * Don't stow the 26m after observationscan often require a manual reset requiring a trip to the Mt Pleasant
-          Jamie'​s resposne "There were two problems with the Mark5 at Katherine. On Wednesday, ​the module that we were recording to became read-only, and all attempts to record to it failed with "​XLRappend"​ errors. We didn'​t ​have a second module available in mk5ke, but there was a second empty module available in mk5-2ke. So, I changed the /​usr2/​control/​mk5ad.ctl file to use mk5-2ke as the recorder for the remainder of the T2111 experiment - the mark5 problem this morning was caused by this. Mick had swapped modules and restarted the mark5 units so that we could use mk5ke for recording again, while mk5-2ke was conditioning another module. DIMino was not running ​on mk5-2ke, which lead to the mk5cn errors in the FS. I fixed it this morning by terminating the FS, editing /​usr2/​control/​mk5ad.ctl to use mk5ke again, and restarting the FS." +      Stowing ​the dish turns the drives off, and they sometimes don'​t ​come back on easily
-  * "​Massive delay difference, clkoff was very high (order of e-01), mk5 was about 0.5s out of syncbut reported a sync error of 0. Counter and fmset didn't fix it so restarted the DBBC. That fixed the delay but then the field system crashed and had to be restarted."​ AUG025, 14/06/2016. **(Not a problem, was resolved.)** +  * Potentially eRemoteControl having some issues staying connected. ​(I see mention ​of this in handover notes) 
-  * Yg disk_pos loosing ​~10 gb every 2 hoursAUG025, 14/06/2016. **(not sure why this was, escalate to Jamie)** +      - 26m eEemoteControl is crashing constantly. 
-            Jim's response "This may be an issue with the schedule ​being a little more optimistic on how much time is needed for pre-scan calibration ​(or similar), meaning recording always starts a little late. This is also a higher data rate experiment than our usual ones so you lose more data per unit time if things run late. I know that scheduling optimisation is something that Lucia, Davis et al have been working on for the AUG/AUA sessions. No doubt the logs will help them fine tune things some more."+      - Katherine is also having some issuesoften losing connection ​(~every 10 seconds)
 +      - This could be being caused by general UTAS networking issues ​(does not explain 26m issues).
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