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 +====== Council of Skyence ======
 **Chair/​Presenting:​** ​ Tiege/Jonny **Chair/​Presenting:​** ​ Tiege/Jonny
-**In Attendance:​** ​+**In Attendance:​** ​Tiege, Jonny, Lucas, Bryn, Mas, Jim, Jesse, Ross, Arwin
-**Apologies:​** ​+**Apologies:​** ​Jamie, Lucia
 **Absent:​** ​ **Absent:​** ​
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 **Agenda:** **Agenda:**
-  - Memes +  - Katherine DBBC issues? Are they resolved? 
 +  * Seem to be resolved, PCI-7200 board cooked it. Screwed up the timing. Replaced Friday. 
 +  - New employees? Jonny been getting them organised. 
 +  * Training needs to be organised soon. TBA. 
 +  * Suggestions on how training should be done: Jamie example > First setup sit in > few monitoring shifts solo > first solo setup. 
 +  - Any more SpaceX tracking soon? 
 +  * Someone should let you know if this is happening during your shift. 
 +  - Jim still leaving? If so, do we know who is taking over? 
 +  * Yes (Jim's gone around 7th of April), No (JD and Simon deciding who will do this). 
 +  - LBA next week? 
 +  * Ask Simon, starts Wednesday, Potentially need to juggle some shifts if they are getting too long when combined with LBA experiments. 
 +  * Jonny got rekt. 
 +  - Imogen coming back? 
 +  * NO! 
 +  - If you put stuff in the fridge, do not leave it in there for infinite time. Need to sort out keeping the fridge clean and organised. 
 +  * Organise a roster or a cup-of-doom-lite.
 **Handover notes issues:** **Handover notes issues:**
-  - Memes+  - Not many re-occurring problems other than a few experiments with Ke DBBC issues. 
 +  - Few rfpcn time-out noted at Hb and Ke, seems like restarting Rxmon is the only fix, but can take a few attempts. Any way to prevent these time-outs from occurring or do we just have to treat them reactively?​ 
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