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-Meeting 30th March.+=======Meeting 30th March=======
 Chair: Bryn Chair: Bryn
-Present: + 
-Apologies:​ +Present: ​Jim, Lucia, Liz, Tiege, Jamie, Jonny, Ross, Arwin, Lucas, Ellen 
 +Apologies: ​Jesse 
 +Absent: ​Nick 
 General Issues: General Issues:
   * Revisiting 5pm-finish shifts   * Revisiting 5pm-finish shifts
 +    * Tell Ellen THIS WEEK if you are okay with the 5pm till finish shifts.
 +    * By default we aren't scheduling 5 till finish anymore - swap if you want to do them.
   * How are people with their shift loading?   * How are people with their shift loading?
 +    * Update availability if you want fewer shifts ​
   * Bed is starting to gross me out   * Bed is starting to gross me out
 +    * If you use it, please take it home and wash it.
 +  * Free your calendars for Nov 28 - Dec 12. Continuous observing.
 +  * If the power is out on the plugs in the observation room - check the switchboard for any tripped switches.
 Handover Issues: Handover Issues:
-  ​ +  * RD1704 VC rack timing out - had to travel out to Mt. P to reset the VC rack and the TTY Distributor. 
-  ​*RD1704 VC rack timing out - had to travel out to Mt. P to reset the VC rack and the TTY Distributor.+    * Due to power failure 
 +    * Strongly recommended to do setup on the previous day. 
 +  * equip.ctl file check? 
 +  * Wind sensor at hb locked up - continuous wind stow. Do we have a fix for this in the wiki? 
 +    * Ke & Yg (?) have IP switches - Requires turning off and on again. 
 +    * Anemometer locked up - restart (standard monica restart process) 
 +  * Network issues at Ke - R1784 
 +    * Lost communication to VPN and Ke network. CMOS battery died in pcfske, rebooted, but wouldn'​t reconnect to network. Had to reboot pcfske through mk5ke. Might need to follow up on network configuration for the pcfske machine. 
 +    * If you can't ping a machine from outside a site, try pinging from something else on the local network. 
 +  * Sending off logs - Ross had problems sending off the logs for R1785. Flogit backup script can be used if you have issues with the ftp to France. 
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