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 =======Meeting 25th May======= =======Meeting 25th May=======
-Chair:  +Chair: ​Jesse 
-Cleaning:+Cleaning: ​Wut
-Present: ​+Present: ​Thanks!
-Apologies: ​Arwin (potentially)+Apologies: ​None
-Absent:+Absent: ​None
 General Issues: General Issues:
   ​   ​
 +  * Hb12 Rfpic - Hardware arrived, pending fix. 
 +  * Hb12 Drives - Only master drive was running, HMI interface showed that One azimuth drive was down, it still reads as tracking in operin. Reset resolved this, but there were no alarms, so KEEP AN EYE OUT.  ​
 +     * Drives wouldn'​t go into operating, a restart was necessary (Best to do a restart before experiment starts).  ​
 +  * Ke12 - Pointing check took a long time as Ke would continue to lose onsource.
 +  * Fringes -- Seem to work infrequently,​ this is not likely to be a data quality issue but please check power levels just to be safe. 
 +  * if power levels take a long time to get to target (5--10min) due to interference in s-band. x-band is all tickity-boo though. ​
 +  * Yg being a little too aggressive wind windstows (7--10 km/h). Reset the anemometer (y) 
 +     * Can check the wind-speed reading on the cameras.  ​
 +  * Ke mk5 connection error (connecting fine, except that occasionally response is slow enough to trigger an alarm)  ​
 +  * Jonny? m8? Cmon.  ​
 Handover Issues: Handover Issues:
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