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Meeting 23rd June

Chair: Jonny


Apologies: Tiege, Lucas, Arwin


General Issues:

* Fill in the meeting chair roster
* New queen couch/not-bed in the lounge/not-bedroom.

Handover Issues:

* All 3 12m seem to have many erc and fs lockups lately 

* Hb: unable to change modules (and erc down) - R4795

* Ke: clock drifts/DBBC issues
  - Fixed by power cycling/reconfiguring DBBC
* Ke: weather command 'wx' locking up (returning identical values?)
  - Jamie fixing/fixed? it
* Ke: network down a lot
  - Patrick noticed Telstra were having adsl issues in the area
* ke: Interior light not working?

* Yg: Drives getting stuck a lot.
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