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Meeting 9th November

Chair: Ross


Apologies: Jonny, Lucas


General Issues:

Handover Issues:

  1. Ho: Vacuum pressure leak for receiver cooling system (AUA029)
    • Fixed! Caused by the weather warming.
  2. Ke: Mick changed disk in middle of recording, was the mystery disk that was originally being recorded to every identified? (R4811)
    • This was sorted, thanks to Warren.
    • Make sure to check module allocation sheet.
  3. Yg: Pointing offsets/tracking errors, Note from Arwin in handover notes: “During setup, noticed yg had large offsets in the antenna checks, had to the the pointing checks again and the offsets were better the second time around. This has happened a few times, should this be raised at the meeting?”
    • The pointing should be OK, Jamie is going to have a squiz.
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