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 Chair: Ross Chair: Ross
-Present: ​+Present: ​Jamie, Bryn, Tiege, Patrick, Jesse, Liz, Arwin
-Apologies: Jonny, Lucas+Apologies: Jonny, Lucas, Lucia
 Absent: ​ Absent: ​
 General Issues: General Issues:
 +   - Calendar didn't include Hobart even though it was on the master schedule. The 26m was a late addition to the AUA schedule. Should be avoided in future.
 +      - Let Jamie know if you don't have access rights to the calendar.
 +      - nobs looks at master schedule. Warren'​s script already checks master schedule.
 +      - CHECK THE MASTER SCHEDULE! and the start time.
 +  - Jesse sent around an email about script. Works for ho, hb, ke and yg, and opens most of the windows needed.
 +      - didn't put delay plots in the right position; this is because they were already open.
 +      - run windex before windows if there is stuff open.
 Handover Issues: Handover Issues:
-  - Ho: Vacuum pressure leak for receiver cooling system ​(AUA029+  - Ho: iread power levels are a bit low 28000 and 38000 of 48000 | changing attentuation did nothing to help (OHG109) 
-     * Fixed! Caused by the weather warming+     - mot an issue: got a different frequency range for O'​Higgins ​(uses Mark 4 rack), slightly smaller range, different power and temperatures. Not paying attention to read in this experiment. Needs more tests. 
-  - KeMick changed disk in middle ​of recording, was the mystery disk that was originally being recorded ​to every identified? ​(R4811+     - Tsys temperatures below 200 now seem okay, probably degradation of the system. Measured wrong due to absolute calibration error but maybe 10-20% due to the degradation
-     * This was sorted, thanks ​to Warren+  - Hoproblems with cryo temp (OHG109 and AUA031) 
-     * Make sure to check module allocation sheet.  +     - Just summer maybe. Also receiver pressure a bit dodgy, at 4 microns. Build of gasesgot over 5 microns last night but was pumped down. Summer season so cryo problems likely ​to be more of an issue. Keep an eye out. 
-  - Yg: Pointing offsets/​tracking errors, Note from Arwin in handover notes: "​During setup, noticed yg had large offsets in the antenna checks, had to the the pointing checks again and the offsets were better the second time around. This has happened a few times, should this be raised at the meeting?"​ +  - Ke: Ran fivept several times, the offsets are looking a bit dodgy (AUA031
-     * The pointing should be OK, Jamie is going to have a squiz. +     - Problem after bad storms in Katherine. Bryn could get below 0.04 offset even after several attempts. Jamie to work on this
 +     - Similarly, fringe testing is quite rubbish these days
 +  - Yg: alarms going off for illegal state error and unable ​to read systemclock1. antenna=open antenna=operate fixed the issue (R1816) 
 +     - Bryn breaks stuff. This issue has come up for both Tiege and Liz too. HMI clock get confused about the time; need to reset if the simple fix fails
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