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Meeting 9th November

Chair: Ross

Present: Jamie, Bryn, Tiege, Patrick, Jesse, Liz, Arwin

Apologies: Jonny, Lucas, Lucia


General Issues:

Handover Issues:

  1. Ho: iread power levels are a bit low 28000 and 38000 of 48000 | changing attentuation did nothing to help (OHG109)
    1. mot an issue: got a different frequency range for O'Higgins (uses Mark 4 rack), slightly smaller range, different power and temperatures. Not paying attention to read in this experiment. Needs more tests.
  2. Ho: problems with cryo temp (OHG109 and AUA031)
    1. Just summer maybe. Also receiver pressure a bit dodgy, at 4 microns. Build of gases, got over 5 microns last night but was pumped down. Summer season so cryo problems likely to be more of an issue.
  3. Ke: Ran fivept several times, the offsets are looking a bit dodgy (AUA031)
  4. Yg: alarms going off for illegal state error and unable to read systemclock1. antenna=open antenna=operate fixed the issue (R1816)
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