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 **Chair:** Lucas **Chair:** Lucas
-**Attended:​** ​+**Attended:​** ​Tiege, Mas, Atifur, Katie, Lucia, Simin, Jay 
-**Absent:** Patrick, Ross+**Absent:** Patrick, Ross, Jesse
 **General Issues** **General Issues**
-Yarragadee humidity sensor buggy? **sometimes** only reports 0.0 or 100.0. +    * Katherine maser/​dbbc/​heating appears to have been successful. No more clock jumps recorded in past week? 
-    * replacement incoming+    ​Antenna monitor says YG stowed even though tracking and onsource (r4861, r1862), az el still move just little box says stow 
 +    ​00UT session postponed - probably not until 2020? 
 +    ​Fix wiki 
 +    * New observers
-   * Hobart26m cooling and modules. Discuss. 
-       * Fridge unit needs replacement. 
-       * New 20K sensor 
-       * NASA maser broken - no backup for vremya maser. 
 +**Handover Issues** ​
-  ​LBA COMING UP NEXT WEEK. Everyone ready?  +    ​* **R4860** - lots of issues with mk5 and module but they appear resolved and/or specific to that moduleLaggy HDD in drive caused mk5cn errors (alarms) despite DIMino running and respondingThe timeout lag caused ​the fs to think mk5cn was not responding (in 5ms period over which it checks?)
-        ​and X multifeed receivers. +
-        * Plots newsmerd showing current stateBrett is the go-to here as per.+
-Observer on duty little board.+    * **AUM010** ​ HB '​Network to the antenna failedFixed by power cycling media adaptor, then rebooting antenna controller'​. How does one repeat this fix? Ask Jamie another time
-IVS GM feedback - notes do get read! 
-  ​AUM sessions in Aug/Sep.  +    ​* **R1861** ​KE '​Experiment started late due to bad module (USN-0191/​2000)First scan 268-1801b(Atifur)'​ - What was the diagnostic for this? How do we see this early and prevent it? (did you do a test recording?) - Tried normal things, dimino check, restart mk5.
-        ​10 additional sessions +
-        ​12m new receiver and recording ​new DBBC. +
-        * 10 hrs wrong in master sched. +
- +
-Sound issue on ops8: +
-    * Monitor ​this +
- +
- +
-**Handover Issues** ​+
-Yarragadee got stuck after wind stow in R1849. No alarm. 
-"field system stopped 11:55 (183) UT schedule not resumed until 05:25 (184) UT (Warren)"​ - field system crashed? 
-RD1805/​RD1804 ​Hobart pressure ​needed ​pumping.+    * **CRDS98** ​- needed ​to manually download and drudg .vex file as the slogit scripts only recognise .skd files? ​
-CRF107 issues- rxp (resolved), module not put in.  ​ 
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