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Chair: Lucas


Absent: Patrick, Ross, Jesse

General Issues

  • Katherine maser/dbbc/heating appears to have been successful. No more clock jumps recorded in past week?
  • Antenna monitor shows YG stowed even though tracking and onsource (r4861, r1862)
  • 00 UT session start postponed

Handover Issues

  • R4860 - lots of issues with mk5 and module but they appear resolved and/or specific to that module. Laggy HDD in drive caused mk5cn errors (alarms) despite DIMino running and responding. The timeout lag caused the fs to think mk5cn was not responding (in 5ms period over which it checks?)
  • AUM010 - 'Network to the antenna failed. Fixed by power cycling media adaptor, then rebooting antenna controller'. How does one repeat this fix?
  • R1861 - 'Experiment started late due to bad module (USN-0191/2000). First scan 268-1801b. (Atifur)' - What was the diagnostic for this? How do we see this early and prevent it? (did you do a test recording?)
  • CRDS98 - needed to manually download and drudg .vex file as the slogit scripts only recognise .skd files?
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