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Chair: Tiege

Attended: Lucas, Simin, Jamie, Lucia, Mas, Katie, Prad, ATifur

Apologies: Ross, Arwin


General Issues

  • With summer coming around, might need to keep an eye on Hobart 26m receiver temperatures.
    • There are plans to fix the cryo, unlikely to happen before summer observing season.
    • People are onsite during working hours, if you are setting up the 26m maybe scope out the status of the cryo system during the day.
  • Have November availability updated on wiki by tomorrow afternoon please.
  • New observers, Jay and Lim getting rostered on next month. Have you done training yet?
    • Being organised now,
  • 26m grav deformation measurements (Lucia & David)
    • Keep an eye on what the 26m is doing before setting it up, backend systems should be able to be setup even while these measurements are happening. Please don't move the antenna or change receiver.

Handover Issues


  • R1864 Tuesday morning, katherine mk5 was totally unresponsive at setup, was fixed with a power cycle using ipske.


  • AOV028 Lost internet connection to station, how was this resolved?
    • we were blessed with a reconnection.
    • fall over doesn't work 'completely reliably' currently. Potential fix in the works in the coming few days. VPN reset fix may no longer work though.
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