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Chair: Ross




General Issues

  • The X-band values of tsys show up as '$$$$$$' at Katherine due to issue with cal.
  • Ross scheduled when in Sydney and Melbourne, Friday at 5pm on 8th and 30th of November. Swap and/or take?

Handover Issues


  • R1865 - Large delay difference. clkoff command results in significantly different value. The Tac32 clock was found to be stuck and restarted.
  • R1866 - Katherine delay offset drift at around 5pm ( similar to the old issue), restarting the DBBC software → re-syncing → fmset seemed to fix it. Remained stable after this.
  • R4866 - Katherine developed a large delay offset (~8 us). Simin you said the fix Tiege suggested didnt work? What fixed this?


  • R4864 - maseryg vnc not connecting.
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