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General Issues

Handover Issues

AOV029: Hb26:
  Started fs-mk5hb on pcfshb, still is running there. mk5hb required a reboot too.
  Started successfully 17:50 UT, first scan 326-1746 then more or less immediately windstowed and had been in windstow since (currently 20:00 UT). Cryo is fine, cannot check psup - Lucas.
  Delays are weirdly high (~8us but visibly stable in delaylive). fmset reports no offset and mk5=dot is happy - Lucas.
  Wind stow released 326-2041, all sources between 326-1811 and this missed - Lucas
  Scan 326-2208 missed after halting schedule - mistook the receiver p0sition as incorrect (JMc)
  04:11 Wind stow. missed scans from 327-0411 to 327-0606 (W)
  05:52 UT Wind stow released, start recording again from 327-0606 (W)
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