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Chair: Atifur




General Issues

Hobart 26: Formatter to FS time 0.5s or greater.
Yr12: Back to regular Mk5.

Handover Issues

AOV029: Hb26:
  Started fs-mk5hb on pcfshb, still is running there. mk5hb required a reboot too.
  Scan 326-2208 missed after halting schedule - mistook the receiver p0sition as incorrect
  R1869: Yg12:
  03:32 Too many “mk5cn time out” errors restart mark5 recorder
  03:47 DIMino crash? restart Dimino
  OHG116: Ke12:
  0959 UT WARNING: error ib -402 gpib(enol) write handshake error, check instrument and cable, w1
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