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Chair: Lim




General Issues

  • Please remember to create handover note page during setup.
  • No connection to Yg and Hb maser.

Handover Issues


  • Handover note created without experiment name.
  • “Experiment started” information not provided.
  • Data volume at beginning not specified.


  • Ho: 1307UT - fmset puts the field system time 6.2 seconds ahead of the Mark5 and Computer time, this seems to result in scans ending (and starting) ~5 seconds ahead of schedule (when going off the log time). We are in the last 50 mins of the experiment so I am going to leave as is rather than spend 25 mins restarting machines and end up losing more data than would be (potentially) saved. (Tiege)


  • Yg: pcfsyg disk filled up 15 minutes before experiment started. Needed to remove some old epi/png files from the auto_corr_test directory. (Tiege)


  • Ho: 1725UT - Cryo monitoring system not working at Ho (ERROR ma -4 Device rx timed-out on response). I have replaced the cryomon and rxmon procedures with nops in EXPERIMENT procedure library for the time being, because otherwise it waits for each rx measurement to time out. I have also commented out the rxmon command in the midob procedure in STATION library, as that is also waiting for timeout, and screwing up scan timing. (Patrick)
    • Fixed by resetting TTY distributor with “reset” switch on old S/X MarkIV rack. Serial communications from Hobart to s/x receiver are still patched through this rack. (Warren and Brett)
  • 1725UT - wx command not working. (Patrick)
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