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-====== Preparing Schedule and Procedure Files ====== 
-Obtain the .skd file and put it on pcfsya in /​usr2/​sched,​ then: 
-$ drudg 
-At the prompt, type in the experiment name, e.g.: 
-RDCTL02 - Reading system control file /​usr2/​control/​skedf.ctl 
- ​DRUDG:​ Experiment Preparation Drudge Work (NRV & JMGipson 2008Oct08) 
-Version: ​ 9.10.04 
- Enter schedule file name (.skd or .drg default <​return>​ 
-if using a .snp file, :: or q to quit) ?r1460 
-Then select the station (Hb) 
- ​Opening file r1460.skd for schedule r1460.skd 
- R1460 
- $SKED 
- ​$CODES 
- $HEAD 
-OBS_SORT00 - Sorting scans by time. 
-TTAPE03: Invalid tape type: MARK5B 
-  Valid types: SHORT       ​THICK ​      ​THIN ​       MARK5A ​     K5 
- This is a geodetic schedule. 
- This is a standard non-Vex schedule file. 
-  # of sources: ​          60 
-  # of stations: ​          9 
-  # of frequency codes: ​   1 
-  # of scans: ​          1046 
- ​Stations:​ 
-  Hh (HARTRAO ) Hb (HOBART12) Ho (HOBART26) Kk (KOKEE ​  ) Ny (NYALES20) 
- ​Output for which station (type a code,  :: or q to quit, = for all) ? Hb 
-Then choose option 11 to set //"​Mark5 rack"//,​ //"​Mark5B recorder"//,​ //"No second recorder"//​ and //"​Start with 1"// (i.e. put in the string ''​16 14 1 1''​). 
-Then the procedures and snap file cann be made and a summary printed (options ''​12,​ 3''​ and ''​5''​ in sequence). ​ 
-Printing from drudg does not seem to work at present so the summary was printed using the command ​ 
-<​code>​enscript -r -2 /​tmp/​DR.tmp</​code>​ 
-After drudging the schedule, the procedure file should be moved to /​usr2/​proc/​. It then has to be edited to remove procedures using non-existent equipment and to support the Mark5B. ​ 
-  * The ''​ifdsx''​ and ''​vcsx8''​ procedures should be removed in entirety (as the IF power levels and VC settings are set through the DBBC in our system. It may be worth keeping a copy of the vcsx8 settings to confirm the DBBC frequencies required) and the calls to these functions were removed from the setupsx procedure. ​ 
-  * The pcal functions were also removed from the proc file as we do not have a computer controlled phasecal. ​ 
-  * The vsi commands could be removed but do not seem to be causing any serious problems or excessive errors in the logs.  
-  * The preob and midob procedures should be edited to include some mk5 and site specific functions. ​ 
-One problem encountered was difficulty in setting up thee new procedures by editing the proc file directly. The best way of inserting/​editing procedures in a proc file is to load it into the fs and then run pfmed from the terminal. To create or edit a procedure, type "​edit"​ and then the name of the procedure. The final procure file is included below. ​ 
-Don't try to paste this text into a proc file as the Wiki formatting may cause strange problems for the interpreter. 
-define ​ proc_library ​ 10340164352x 
-" R1460      HOBART12 ​ Hb 
-" drudg version 2008Oct08 compiled under FS  9.10.04 
-"< Mark5    rack >< Mark5B ​  ​recorder 1> 
-define ​ exper_initi ​  ​10340164348x 
-define ​ setupsx ​      ​10340181757x 
-define ​ preob         ​10340181757 
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