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-====== Preparing Schedule and Procedure Files ====== 
-There are two ways of doing this: via the ''​''​ script or manually. ​ 
-The script is much faster and easier although there are some things to beware of. The script is currently based on newsmerd as <​code>​~observer/​</​code>​ When run, it will prompt you for the experiment code. It will download the schedule file (or ask if you want to re-download the file if it currently exists) to ''/​vlbobs/​ngs/​sched/'',​ copy it to pcfshb (it will check if it will overwrite the file), build the snp and prc files (or offer to re-build them if they exist), copy them to the correct places and finally offer to print off log and cover sheets. It will append the standard preob to the prc file, but does not delete the redundant lines. It will pop up an emacs session for you to edit the file though. 
-====== Manual Instructions ========================= 
-Obtain the .skd file and put it on pcfshb in /​usr2/​sched,​ then: 
-$ drudg 
-At the prompt, type in the experiment name, e.g.: 
-RDCTL02 - Reading system control file /​usr2/​control/​skedf.ctl 
- ​DRUDG:​ Experiment Preparation Drudge Work (NRV & JMGipson 2008Oct08) 
-Version: ​ 9.10.04 
- Enter schedule file name (.skd or .drg default <​return>​ 
-if using a .snp file, :: or q to quit) ?r1460 
-Then select the station (Hb) 
- ​Opening file r1460.skd for schedule r1460.skd 
- R1460 
- $SKED 
- ​$CODES 
- $HEAD 
-OBS_SORT00 - Sorting scans by time. 
-TTAPE03: Invalid tape type: MARK5B 
-  Valid types: SHORT       ​THICK ​      ​THIN ​       MARK5A ​     K5 
- This is a geodetic schedule. 
- This is a standard non-Vex schedule file. 
-  # of sources: ​          60 
-  # of stations: ​          9 
-  # of frequency codes: ​   1 
-  # of scans: ​          1046 
- ​Stations:​ 
-  Hh (HARTRAO ) Hb (HOBART12) Ho (HOBART26) Kk (KOKEE ​  ) Ny (NYALES20) 
- ​Output for which station (type a code,  :: or q to quit, = for all) ? Hb 
-Then choose option 11 to set //"​Mark5 rack"//,​ //"​Mark5B recorder"//,​ //"No second recorder"//​ and //"​Start with 1"// (i.e. put in the string ''​16 14 1 1''​). 
-Then the procedures and snap file cann be made and a summary printed (options ''​12,​ 3''​ and ''​5''​ in sequence). ​ 
-Printing from drudg does not seem to work at present so the summary was printed using the command ​ 
-<​code>​enscript -r -2 /​tmp/​DR.tmp</​code>​ 
-After drudging the schedule, the procedure file should be moved to /​usr2/​proc/​. It then has to be edited to remove procedures using non-existent equipment and to support the Mark5B. ​ 
-  * The ''​ifdsx''​ and ''​vcsx8''​ procedures should be removed in entirety (as the IF power levels and VC settings are set through the DBBC in our system. It may be worth keeping a copy of the vcsx8 settings to confirm the DBBC frequencies required) and the calls to these functions were removed from the setupsx procedure. ​ 
-  * The pcal functions were also removed from the proc file as we do not have a computer controlled phasecal. ​ 
-  * The vsi commands could be removed but do not seem to be causing any serious problems or excessive errors in the logs.  
-  * The preob and midob procedures should be edited to include some mk5 and site specific functions. ​ 
-One problem encountered was difficulty in setting up thee new procedures by editing the proc file directly. The best way of inserting/​editing procedures in a proc file is to load it into the fs and then run pfmed from the terminal. To create or edit a procedure, type "​edit"​ and then the name of the procedure. The final procure file is included below. ​ 
-Don't try to paste this text into a proc file as the Wiki formatting may cause strange problems for the interpreter. 
-define ​ proc_library ​ 10340164352x 
-" R1460      HOBART12 ​ Hb 
-" drudg version 2008Oct08 compiled under FS  9.10.04 
-"< Mark5    rack >< Mark5B ​  ​recorder 1> 
-define ​ exper_initi ​  ​10340164348x 
-define ​ setupsx ​      ​10340181757x 
-define ​ preob         ​10340181757 
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