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 ====== Preparing Schedule and Procedure Files ====== ====== Preparing Schedule and Procedure Files ======
-Obtain the .skd file and put it on pcfsya ​in /​usr2/​sched,​ then:+There are two ways of doing this: via the ''​''​ script or manually.  
 +The script is much faster and easier although there are some things to beware of. The script is currently based on ops-serv2 as <​code>​</​code>​  
 +When run, it will prompt you for the experiment code and observatory. It will download the schedule file (or ask if you want to re-download the file if it currently exists) to ''/​vlbobs/​ivs/​sched/'',​ copy it to pcfs[hb|ke|yg] (it will check if it will overwrite the file), build the snp and prc files (or offer to re-build them if they exist), copy them to the correct places and finally offer to print off log and cover sheets. It will append the standard preob to the prc file, but does not delete the redundant lines. It will pop up an emacs session for you to edit the file though. 
 +Note that the schedule summary file is currently written to /​tmp/​sched.tmp on pcfs[hb|ke|yg]. A copy needs to be scp'ed back to be printed out. 
 +<​note>​For Yarragadee, the SNAP file will need to be edited by hand to remove scans and stow the antenna at times that coincide with transmissions from the adjacent USN antenna.  
 +See the following page for information about determining the time ranges: ​  
 +  * [[operations:​yg_USN_times|USN Transmission times at Yarragadee]] 
 +To remove the scans from the schedule, comment them out, with a ''"''​ in the first column, put a source=stow at the start and specify a wait time at the end. e.g.: 
 +"Stow antenna due to USN transmissions 
 +" scan_name=187-0716,​r1490,​Yg,​43,​43 
 +" source=0727-115,​072758.08,​-113452.5,​1950.0,​neutral 
 +" checkmk5 
 +" setupsx 
 +" !2011.187.07:​16:​35 
 +" !2011.187.08:​04:​58 
 +" data_valid=off 
 +" disk_record=off 
 +" disk_pos 
 +" postob 
 +====== Manual Instructions ========================= 
 +Obtain the .skd file and put it on pcfshb ​in /​usr2/​sched,​ then:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 enddef enddef
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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