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 +====== Completing the paperwork and shipping modules at Hobart ======
 +  * If the modules are being shipped:
 +    * If the ares mailserver is working then use your webmail to print off a copy of the email. Otherwise, use <​code>​emacs /​vlbobs/​ngs/​logs/<​experiment_name>​hb_end.mail</​code>​ and print off one copy.
 +    * Now you need to enter the shipment info into the NRAO VLBA tracking system. Go to [[http://​​track]] . It will ask you for a user name and password which you should get from Brett but which is also on a sticky note on the wall above the fax machine.
 +      * Select the correlator destination and press the ''​Make a shipment''​ button. ​
 +      * In the next screen, change the shipper to DHL and fill in the left hand box with the following information. The system requires a very particular format. e.g.:<​code>​DHL airwaybill number
 +USN-0074/​960/​1024 USN-0074/​960/​1024</​code>​ The experiment code needs to be preceded by a hash and the module name (the third entry) need to be entered twice with only a single space between them. Make sure you press ''​Enter''​ after the second module entry too. The full name also needs to be used, as above. ​
 +      * Press the ''​Submit Shipment''​ button and then ''​Record Shipment''​. ​
 +      * Finally, print two copies of the ''​Shipment Record for HB''​ screen
 +    * Cover letter/​Customs declaration - Next go to the office and use Brett'​s linux machine (radst1). ​
 +      * Run OpenOffice Writer and have a look in "​recent documents"​ for a file with a name like''​BONN_R1327.doc''​. Choose one which has the same destination this module. Alternatively,​ open the folder ''/​home/​breid/​Manager_public/''​ and open a file directly. Again, choose one that has the same destination. First, save the newly opened file to a name that indicates the name of the experiment being processed, e.g. ''​BONN_R1328.doc''​ to avoid overwriting the original. ​
 +      * Edit the experiment name, date, DHL code and the name of the sender. ​
 +      * Save it again and print 5 copies. ​
 +    * Get the oldest box from the storeroom and remove any old labels. ​
 +      * Get the module casing from inside the box and screw it onto the module using the screws in a ziplock bag - this is normally near the whiteboard in the control room. 
 +      * Put the sealed module inside the box together with:
 +        * A copy of the shipping record, ​
 +        * one of DHL declarations and the ''​hobart 12m has completed...''​ email. ​
 +      * Tape it up tightly, attach the address and experiment labels. ​
 +      * On the Experiment label, record the name, Box 1/1, DHL AWB#344... where AWB#344 is the billing number. ​
 +      * Attach the clear plastic pouch to the box and leave the DHL waybill and three copies of the shipping declaration ​ on top of it from Brett to sign. 
 +      * The final DHL declaration and Shipping Notice should be kept with the printed log, and left on the box for Brett to file.
 +      * Finally, check Brett'​s address book (on manager) for DHL-pickup. Give them a call to arrange collection. When they ask what the contents are, say "​Computer parts"​. The account name is "​University of Tasmania radiotelescope"​. They'​ll send around a van to collect it.
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