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 +pmSTALM is a script that will player an alarm over the PC speakers when significant alarms occur in the pcfs logs. It's run from a shell script on ops4 (main observing PC with 4 monitors) and/or ops6 (PC in the bedroom).
 +After you start the schedule, you should run ''​./​''​ and ''​./​''​ as observer@ops4 or observer@ops6. ops6 also has a couple of launchers on the desktop to start pmSTALM.
 +The xterm window where pmSTALM is running will show the extracted errors from the log. The log is checked every 5 seconds or so. New errors have their codes checked against the list in ''​~observer/​pmSTALM/​stalmaction_mk3''​ to determine whether to sound an alarm or not. If the listed response is BEEP, a window appears and plays the siren sound for one repeat. An ALARM response produces a continuous siren. The alarm windows can be closed by pressing the escape key in that window or by the terminal command ''​killall mplayer''​.
 +pmSTALM also checks that the formatter-maser difference is ok and sounds the alarm if it has drifted out of range. You'll see an error to this effect in the log if it happens.
 +If you need to mute a specific alarm permanently (or for some long duration at least), you can edit the response in the ''​~observer/​pmSTALM/​stalmaction_mk3''​ file. Just cross check the error code from the log. If you do this, please make a note for the next observer!
 +You can adjust the volume of the alarms using either the volume knobs of the speaker or the volume control (upper RHS of the desktop, near the clock.
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