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 +====== Agenda ======
 +  - Issues from Ww
 +  - Issues from AuScope
 +Review of reported station issues:
 +  - Ww has new internet power switch to cylce GPIB when it fails will replace GPIB controller with RS-232 connection
 +  - Yarragadee r4696. VNC connection lost for several hours, no monitor (what about eRemoteControl?​)
 +  - Yarragadee r1699. Monica restarted twice due to ifpic problems, not fixed?
 +  - Yg says "​wth"​ not found, fixed? (& in all sy= commands?)
 +  - Katherine r1699. S1-S4 high Tsys most of the time (120-170k)
 +  - Ho. RFI, overflows in S5m S6 most of the time
 +Issues left over from last time:
 +  - 0.7 nanosecond clock jumps causing significant data loss during analysis
 +  - wind-stow progress, next test
 +  - Brian agreed there is no need to move pcal to 26m
 +  - NTP configuration,​ need more servers, especially remote and non-TAC/CNS
 +  - "popen uptime"​ was added to all three AuScope 12m systems
 +  - Ed and Stuart to review status registers
 +  - Thanks for IPS/​KVM/​auto-login information
 +  - Ho antcn reliability issues?
 +  - Any luck getting spare VC parts? switch to DBBC at Ho?
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