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 +Stuart was no available
 +1. New issues from AuScope
 +      None
 +2. New issues from Warkworth
 +3. AuScope clock jumps (~0.7 nanoseconds)
 +   At Katherine and Hobart we’ve been getting clock jumps which are
 +   ​having an impact on the geodetic results. Below is a summary of four
 +   jumps that occurred in R1696 at Hobart (days 194/195) with sizes from
 +   0.7 to 3.7 ns.
 +     Still the step size of the jumps suggests something
 +     "​hydrogen related"​ as a more like culprit.
 +   No information from analysts yet on data yield impact
 +   Any new information from AuScope?
 +     Jim: Frequency comparison software was not running, but
 +     was started last Friday and should be available for r4700 and
 +     r1701
 +     ​Brett:​ Also will add power monitoring in case that is affecting
 +     the Maser
 +4. Hobart 26 R1700
 +   Known problems:
 +   20K stage receiver hotter than 40K at 22:54 UT
 +     Jim: May just be a read error, stable otherwise
 +     ​Jamie:​ Tsys was reasonable too
 +     ​Brett:​ use turbo pump to arrest warming, probably
 +     due to some He getting into system
 +5. Yarragadee R1700
 +   -- ifpic error a few times
 +   ​Jamie:​ still need to replace server
 +6. AuScope pcal delay vs az/el
 +   From Brian:
 +   ​Perhaps you could mention it during the telecon, and if Jim
 +   or Jamie or anyone is interested, I can provide details or
 +   ​suggestions via email, although they can probably figure out
 +   how to do the measurements perfectly well on their own.
 +   BTW, I'm not pushing it -- I raised the question with Chopo today
 +   only because Arthur was asking about measuring auscope pcal delay
 +   vs. az/el to address the southern CRF issue. ​ But if that issue
 +   is still unresolved, the measurements might be worth doing, if
 +   only to rule out one more possible explanation.
 +   Ed: interesting because similar cable wrap and possible effect on
 +   ​southern source problem
 +   ​Jamie:​ could be done with recording and auto correlating data
 +   Jim: use Monica
 +7. Wark12m : Registers Master Status
 +   ​That'​s the way I read it also. When its windy we see the HMI
 +   ​interface the "POS ERROR" fields go red as the error is > 1/10000 of
 +   a degree. So the current position goes red also as technically its
 +   not "on source",​ but the error might be of the order 6/10000 of a
 +   ​degree ( ~2' ) so still well within the FWHM of the beam even at
 +   ​X-Band. The current "​antcn"​ code is if the current posn is > 1/1000
 +   ​degree from the commanded position or the AzMasterStatus or
 +   ​ElMasterStatus are not 0, then flag not tracking. I can "​relax"​
 +   these limits for being on-source. Just take "​current posn" to
 +   "​commanded posn" and ignore the Status registers (well still log
 +   them if not 0, but don't set the flag to be not tracking).
 +8. R4697 Ww
 +   The overwhelming majority of scans have produced no fringes on WW
 +   ​baselines -- the WW-KK baseline, for example is seeing ~1 scan with
 +   ​fringes per hour.  On top of that, the SBD is varying wildly -- a
 +   rare pair of two successful scans within 10minutes of each other on
 +   the WW-KK baseline jumped nearly 1us.
 +9. R1697, R4697, R1698 Ww
 +   all have 1 second clock offset
 +10. Warkworth GPIB controller progress?
 +11. AuScope windstows, next test tomorrow?
 +      Jim and Ed: Start about 2330 UT
 +12. AuScope NTP configuration update?
 +     Jim: will put back on the list
 +13. Hobart BBC VC LO parts progress?
 +     ​Brett:​ no answer yet
 +     Ed: Mike probably on vacation
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