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 +Oct 20, 2200UT
 +Any additions, changes?
 +6. Follow-up on clock breaks, Maser and A/C moved to different circuits.
 +7. Final testing of windstow recovery fix.
 +8. NTP (pcfshb):
 +    a. pcfshb needs more stratum 1 servers, especially remote
 +    b. is cnsshb a CNS II clock directly serving NTP or through a TAC32
 +       ​program?​
 +    c. is tac32ho a TAC32 program connected to a CNS I or a CNS II clock?
 +    d. are there similar issues at other sites and/or 26m?
 +- from op comments: ​
 +1. FS failure R1708 Hobart26
 +> R1708: Wrong receiver to start with, FS failure, windstows.
 +Comments by op suggests this is the windstow recovery issue but not sure.
 +2. Hobart26 R1708 had L band selected.
 +> - Receiver stuck in Lband Scans failed 278-1700 through 278-2217 (JS);
 +> 2157UT – OTTER interface reset (using '​r'​ command) and SX reciever put
 +> on axis (JS) [Have updated the setup notes to include this as a fix for stuck
 +Exactly what is switched between L and SX? RF at the Mark 4 rack via a
 +3. R1708  Yg Disc position problem.
 +> R1708: Disc pos ~120 GB behind schedule, inexplicably.
 +Dan suggested this could be caused by disk-record=on is late by the schedule
 +being delayed. Session A1524 Hb, last July it was caused by the weather
 +command sensor but also too many unnecessary checks. Dan can advise on
 +making the Mark5 commands respond faster if requested. ​   ​
 +4. Katherine r4709   (more for Ed’s review)
 +- Field system reboot after start of experiment
 +>​Experiment started ok, except the command “clkoff-2” was still in the proc file,
 +>so it recorded a huge delay difference. Halted the schedule after the first scan.
 +>I couldn'​t find the right file, called Imogen to fix. (Ellen); 18:50 UT – Imogen
 +>was unable to fix due “clkoff-2” to internet problems. I have changed the settings
 +>in the log monitor so it won't ring alarms every scan.
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