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 +====== Request for field system procedure file changes, Feb 2014 ======
 +These updates were made on 23 April 2014 to all three 12m antennas and the 26m
 +From Ed Himwich to pcfs@ivscc on 13 Feb 2014:
 +To: All FS stations
 +From: Ed Himwich, Bob Campbell, Bob Eldering, Martin Leeuwinga,
 +     ​Michael Lindqvist, Richard Strand, Dan Smythe
 +RE: FS Procedures for Mark 5 Recorders
 +We would like to ask all stations that use Mark 5 recorders to make two
 +changes to their FS procedures. This request comes from both IVS for
 +geodetic operations and JIVE for EVN astronomical operations. We
 +recommend that any stations with Mark 5 recorders involved in other
 +operations also make these changes.
 +The changes are:
 +(1) In the "​checkmk5"​ procedure, please change the procedure to use
 +   eight instances of the "​mk5=get_stats?"​ command, one after another.
 +   ​Currently most stations have one instance of this command.
 +   The contents of the procedure should now typically be:
 +     ​scan_check
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=get_stats?​
 +     ​mk5=status?​
 +   This change will allow recording statistics for each disk in the
 +   ​active module to be collected after every scan (when not recording
 +   ​continuously). This will increase the number of visible log
 +   ​entries,​ but will enable better after-the-fact diagnosis of disk
 +   ​health. The additional statistics will help us to develop a
 +   new command, perhaps "​disk_check",​ that will replace these commands
 +   and warn when a disk in a module is on the verge of failing. That
 +   ​command will have a more compact and easier to read format.
 +(2) In the "​midob"​ procedures, please add the command "​mk5=bank_set?"​.
 +   It is recommended that this be added just before the
 +   "​sy=run setcl adapt &" command that is recommended at the end
 +   of the procedure.
 +   ​Adding this command will assist in understanding problems after-the-
 +   fact by making a record of which bank was being used for each scan.
 +Both the "​checkmk5"​ and "​midob"​ procedures are usually located in the
 +"​station"​ procedure library. Some stations have more than one version of
 +the "​station"​ procedure library for different applications. Please be
 +sure to updated all instances of these procedures at your station,
 +whether in different versions of the "​station"​ library or other libraries.
 +Please contact Ed ( if you have any questions about
 +these changes.
 +PCFS mailing list
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