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Data Handling and Disk Logistics


Please use the Transfers Page for information on data transfer.


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AuScope IVS Module Allocation

If there are any questions or issues with module logistics, please contact with the details.

See Experiment and Module Catalog for module allocations, inventory, transfers, upcoming and historic experiments;

Telescope calibration/monitoring procedures and notes

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AuScope Operations Log

Please enter any significant events related to the AuScope VLBI project, including observations, configuration changes, hardware upgrades etc.

Hb - S/X replaced and new pointing model

The S/X was replaced on Hb12 on 13/11/15. Initial tests with Y-factor tests indicate good X-band Tsys (~78 K) but fairly poor S-band Tsys (95-105 K). Pointing data was collected over the weekend and a new pointing model was generated (2015.317) but the corrections are small.

2015/11/16 04:51 · Jamie McCallum · 0 Comments

New IFBox servers for Hb, Ke and Yg

A new version of the IFBox server has been written and installed at Hb, Ke and Yg. It should be more robust than the previous version and reduce the number of spurious “odd response from the pic” messages. The new software is /usr2/AuscopeUtils/monitoring/PIC_interfaces/ - the /etc/init.d/Monica.IFBox scripts have been updated to use this from now on.

2015/09/03 05:45 · 0 Comments

NTP servers updated on FS and Mk5 machines

The list of NTP servers has been updated on the field system and Mk5 computers. All have had the following servers added:


vi /etc/ntp.conf
(added the listed servers)
/etc/init.d/ntp restart

Computers updated:

  • mkv
  • pcfshb
  • pcfske
  • pcfsyg
  • mk5hb
  • mk5ke
  • mk5yg
  • pcfsho
  • mk5streamhb
  • mk5ho
  • mk5-2ke
  • mk5-2yg
  • hobart
2015/08/20 06:10 · 0 Comments

Log monitor updated

The log monitor has had a major update. New features:

  • The station name is more prominent
  • The name of the current scan is given
  • Current disk usage and data recorded in previous scan are given
  • A disk volume offset can be set. This is useful when comparing to predicted data volumes from the summary file in the case, for example of a module being changed part way through an experiment, or appending to a module with another experiment on it.
  • There's a test button for the SMS so you can check that text messages are getting through
  • For the Hobart 26m, the cryogenics pressure and 20K and 70K stage temperatures are reported. If the pressure exceeds 5 microns of Hg two times in a row, the alarm is sounded.
  • 26m cryo status monitoring can be turned off using a button under the “Configure” menu. This is useful if you know (and have reported) the problem but want to silence the alarms while it's being fixed.
  • GUI has been rearranged and fonds changed etc.

If you experience any problems with the new version, the old one can be used by typing at the ops2 prompt.

2015/08/20 04:29 · 0 Comments

Log monitor 26m support and recorder status

The log monitor now knows about the 26m by default and will ring a local alarm if run from ops1hb.

The log monitor also shows the recorder status and scan name. Recorder status is obtained by noticing the disk_record command. It doesn't actually know for sure if the Mark5 is running but just reports what the recorder should be doing, so always check dimino and the cameras to be absolutely sure!

2015/08/11 05:02 · 0 Comments
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