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Operators meeting 18.12.2014


1. Discussion outcomes:

  • Alarms at Mt Pleasant:
    • Issue of the sound system as the code is the same as in ops4
      • “alarm” sound is in .ogg format unlike the “beep”, maybe the reason why it is not playing – convert to another format?
      • use another player?
      • possibility to use the system alarm at Mt Pleasant - but a clear way to mute is should be found.
  • Hb recording consistently less than schedule assumes for certain AUST experiments
    • Check scan_check procedure and late on-source events (actions: Jamie)
  • Ke issues are found to be due to the excessive load on pcfske, some program chokes it up
    • Needs to be found what jums up pcfske:
      • MONICA?
      • java?
      • Observers should keep monitoring its behaviour and gather info.
  • Ed's email suggestion: since station logs are the primary source of information for the IVS tehnical gurus, all handover comments have to make it to the log. So please copy everything you write to the handover message to the “Comments” section of the check-list.

2. Action items:

  • Jamie to check the reasons why Hb records less.
  • Observers to check and monitor pcfske behaviour
  • Observers to add all comments to the station log by filling the “Comments” section of the check-lists.
  • AuScope Observers Holiday drinks 5:30pm Monday 22nd of December in The Winston
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