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  1. Tsys missing from PreOb definition on r4485. Why?
  2. HMI Display Update check box should default to ON
  3. HMI Current Time display - correct spelling error 'Initialize' (or preferably 'Initialise') vice 'Intitialize'.
  4. Remove pmSTALM from wiki?
  5. Receiving “ERROR sc -18 setcl: program is already running, try “run setcl” instead.” after “sy=run setcl offset” from a terminal window. In each case, “sy=run setcl offset” in Oprin window worked OK. What is going on?
  6. No X-Band fringes at Yarragadee
  7. X-Band Tsys at Yarragadee lower than expected. Calibration slipping?
  8. Fill in the “Mark5B Setup” page in the Ops Wiki.
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