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 +====== SAR satellite tracking with the AuSCope Array ======
 +SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites are orbiting satellites which use radars (generally at C- or X-band) to map terrain and measure it properties such as soil moisture, etc. From late 2017, the AuScope telescopes have been used to track the SENTINEL-1 SAR satellite, which makes a pass over the sites once every 12 days. By pointing the telescopes to a fixed direction, the telescopes provide a clear reflection to the radar beam and appear as bright, fixed reference points in the radar image. ​
 +The passes are extremely short and are generally complete in two minutes or less. With slewing times included, the total interruption to a schedule is less than 5 minutes. As such, we now support regular observations of the SENTINEL-1 satellite, even where this interrupts a regularly scheduled experiment. This is practically implemented through the ''​''​ script, which automatically edits the SNAP file for an experiment removing or shortening scans as necessary to support the SENT-1 track. ''​''​ is now run by default when preparing the SNP files through ''​''​
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