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 +====== Resetting the Yarragadee VPN ======
 +This can be done from op2, or anywhere you can start a VNC client
 +It's the usual password.
 +Theres a file open (possibly iconified) called VPNrouter.txt that contains instructions. But here's a summary:
 +  - Start the putty program and double-click on the saved session labeled "​"​
 +  - This will open a terminal and you'll be asked for a username and password. These are given in VPNrouter.txt
 +  - If you can't log in, then the VPN is running and the problem is elsewhere. See the rest of VPNrouter.txt or call Brett if you run out of ideas.
 +  - If you can log in then the VPN can be reset by typing <​code>​clear crypto session</​code>​
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