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 The quick version: The quick version:
-pull changes down from the central repository (do this before ​making ​your own work.):+pull changes down from the central repository (do this before ​starting ​your own work.):
-git pull origin master+<​code>​git pull origin master</​code>​
 Add a file: Add a file:
-git add <​filename/​directory>​+<​code>​git add <​filename/​directory></​code>
 remove a file: remove a file:
-git rm <​filename/​directory>​+<​code>​git rm <​filename/​directory></​code>​ 
 +See what changes have been made to the codebase: 
 +<​code>​git status</​code>
 commit some changes: commit some changes:
-git commit -m "​commit message"​ <​files/​directories>​+<​code>​git commit -m "​commit message"​ <​files/​directories></​code>
 Push committed changes up to the central repository (do this after you've finished): Push committed changes up to the central repository (do this after you've finished):
-git push origin master+<​code>​git push origin master</​code>​
 See how you've changed a file: See how you've changed a file:
-git diff <​filename>​+<​code>​git diff <​filename></​code>
-See what changes have been made to the codebase:+Sometimes (rarely) a repository will get confused. You will see errors like: 
 +<​code>​error:​ unable ​to create temporary sha1 filename .git/​objects/​95:​ File exists</​code>​ 
 +This can be corrected by either "chown -R prog .git", or by the commands: 
 +git fsck 
 +git prune 
 +git repack 
 +git fsck 
 +====== Sample Usage ====== 
 +First of all: obtain a copy of the codebase. The only dependency is the '​git-core'​ package (for ubuntu and debian). 
 +git clone ssh://​observer@ops-serv2/​home/​observer/​gits/​pcfs_prod.git 
 +If we already have a repository, we execute a "​pull"​ to ensure our codebase is current before making any changes. 
 +cd pcfs_prod 
 +git pull origin master 
 +We wish to modify the template station.prc slightly. 
 +cd pcfs_prod/​AuscopeUtils/​proc 
 +vi station.prc 
 +Having saved our changes, we verify what we have changed, and commit it: 
 +git diff station.prc 
 +git commit -m "​Tweaked the doodad."​ station.prc 
 +Now we push our change back up to the primary repository. 
 +git push origin master. 
 +The modified station.prc can now be retrieved by executing a "git pull" on any other git repository (ie. in the /​usr2/​AuScopeUtils directories on the remote pcfs machines).
-git status 
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