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 +====== Updating the on-line observing schedule ======
 +The [[operations:​schedule|operations schedule]] is maintained as a Google calendar. It can be updated on-line using the Google interface or the master IVS schedule (text version) can be converted to iCal format suitable for uploading onto the Google calendar using master_to_ical.
 +===== Using master_to_ical =====
 +This can be done from any of the pcfs computers.
 +  - [[software:​master_sched|Check that the master schedule is the latest version]]
 +  - Note also that the script will need updating at the start of every calendar year as the master schedule file name changes then and the source code for the script will need updating to point to it.
 +  - Usage: <​code>​</​code>​
 +  - Select the antenna you want a calendar for
 +  - Select the first experiment you want to add to the Google calendar (the default is the next or current observation)
 +  - The program will write and output file to the current directory and tell you its name. This file is ready to be uploaded to the Google calendar.
 +  - Go to [[http://​​calendar|Google Calendar]], then:
 +    - Follow [[http://​​support/​calendar/​bin/​​hl=en&​answer=37118|these steps]] to add the new events
 +    - Note that existing events will not be over-written or updated so it's a good idea to check for duplications before uploadeing. The .ics file is ASCII, so it's possible to edit out any unwanted entries before uploading.
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