• Recording continued on HOB+0128/32000 from 10917 GB
  • System check OK. halt issued at 01:08:37 UT, shcedule resumed at 01:39:18 UT
    • When looking for the timestamp of first halt command, typed halt into input rather than search at 01:40:54 UT, schedule quickly resumed at 01:41:21 UT


  • Recording continued on HOB+0123/32000 from 11780 GB
  • Internet connection and eRC failed right before the schedule changeover, but change apparently happened smoothly
  • 249.09:36:46.08 Delay difference >0.5s. Reset DBBC and recording restarted at 10:18:17 (delay difference is -0.285 us)
  • System check OK. Halt issued at 04:02:50 UT, schedule a1404 resumed at 04:23:13


  • Recording started on a new module HOB+1006/16000 from 0 GB
  • Bank B Module swap to 32 TB at 03:12 UT - recording continued on current module HOB+1006/16000 from 10361.15 GB
  • System ckeck OK. halt issued at 03:09:22 schedule resumed at 03:40:13
    • Schedule resume produced error ERROR bo -124 No (scan_name=…) observation starting at a future time found in schedule. so I started a1404 manually @ 03:46 UT