Fringe check done with all 3 telescopes using source 0537-441. No fringes detected in any baselines and plots were just flat lines. Trying again with the same source and all the plots had data in them the second time. (Ellen)

  • Baseline hb-ke: no fringes detected
  • Baseline hb-yg: fringes found in channels 01 and 07
  • Baseline ke-yg: fringe found in channel 02

Hobart 12m:

Disk VSN:HOB+0121

Data volume at beginning: 27799 GB

  • 00:00 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 12:40 UT - Halted schedule for SpaceX. (Ellen)
  • 12:53 UT - Schedule resumed. Missed scans 179-1241a to 179-125. Antenna was still slewing when recording started for scan 179-1253. (Ellen)
  • 14:06 – interrupted for satellite tracking test for a short moment. (Liza)
  • Channels having RFI signs in the autocorrelation spectra: S6; (Liza)
  • Channels having high Tsys (110-173K) X2, X5, X7, X8U, X8L, S1-S4

2015.179.21:25:33.67;“ Signs of RFI: S5, S6, ; High Tsys (105-130K): X2, X5, X7, X8LS1-S4 (Liza)

Katherine 12m:

Disk VSN:HOB+0119

Data volume at beginning: 8399 GB

  • 00:00 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 08:40 UT - Massive clock jump, delay difference of -8999990.802 us. I checked again straight away and the next one was fine. (Ellen)
  • Channels having RFI signatures in spectra: X6, X8U, S2, S6; (Liza)
  • Channels having high Tsys (125-140K): S1, S2, S4 (Liza)

Yarragadee 12m:

Disk HOB+0033

Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

  • Tried to start recording to module VSN:HOB+0127 (as this was the one specified to use) but the mk5 would not select it. So recording to module HOB+0033 instead. (Ellen)
  • 00:00 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • Reconrd pointer was lagging behind 80GB in the end of experiment (Liza)
  • Signs of RFI: S6, ; High Tsys (140-220K) S1, S2, S4-S6 (Liza)