Disk VSN: HAY-0041

Volume at Beginning: 0GB

  • 16:30UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)


Disk VSN: NOT-0001

Volume at Beginning: 0GB

  • 16:30UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)
  • 18:34UT ALARM: error m5 -900 can't xlrstop() (Bryn)
  • 18:43UT ALARM: error m5 -900 can't get device info when trying to restart mk5 (Bryn)
  • 18:46UT ERROR m5 -112 mk5cn: EOF pre-draining input, mark 5 may have crashed, connection close (Bryn)
  • 18:46UT ERROR m5 -114 mk5cn: re-open after pre-drain error was okay, proceeding to transaction. (Bryn)
  • 18:50UT rebooted mk5 machine (Bryn)
  • 18:54UT ERROR m5 -105 mk5cn: error on read, see above for error, connection closed (Bryn)
  • 18:55UT Can perform tasks on other disk in rack (i.e. mk5=dot?, disk_record=on, disk_record=off) (Bryn)
  • 19:00UT continuing experiment, recording to HOB+0130. 67.291GB Recorded to NOT-0001. Data at beginning of recording to HOB+0130: 21616.9 GB First scan will be 016-1908b. Last scan on NOT-0001 is 016-1829 (Bryn)


Disk VSN: HAY-0021

Volume at Beginning: 0GB

  • Getting WARNING: error wx -8 met: can not get localhost information. (Bryn)
  • 16:30UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)