Experiment Started Ok.

2300 UT - Schedule halted - wrong recorder in use (flexbuffyg, not mk5yg). Restarted with “fs” rather than “fs-flexbuff” as was running, restarted DBBCyg with v104_2 software. Data prior to this time is recorded in VDIF format on flexbuffyg and apparently valid. (JMc)

2116 UT - First data recorded to mark5B. Back on schedule. (JMc)


Experiment Started Ok.

1303UT - Someone left a message on the oprin saying scan 142-0215 missed? (Lim)

1330UT - Missed scan 142-1314 and 142-1323 due to fs froze. I am almost certain that the fs will crash upon submitting the econtrol checklist (Lim).